Lockdown Wardrobe

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Lockdown Wardrobe

So, we are now all well into the Coronavirus lock down – I’ve lost count of how long it’s been. We are either working from home, juggling home-schooling or on furlough.


So, what do we wear during these strange times? Its easy to be tempted to stay in your PJ’s all day or online shop for a load of loungewear but I strongly believe we can still have fun with what’s already in our wardrobe.


Those items / outfits you were never sure about?

We’ve all got something lurking at the back of our wardrobe that we bought only to get it home and changed our minds never to wear it and were too lazy to take it back for a refund.

Now is the perfect time to start wearing these!

If it doesn’t look great who cares? No one is going to see you and you might just find out that you love it and it becomes your favourite item of clothing. Off comes the tags and it now takes pride of place in your wardrobe.

I have had this skirt for years now and never worn, I bought it in the sales thinking Id got a bargain but then as soon as Id got home, I thought it made my hips look big. I’ve since moved house 3 times and taken it with me every time.

So, first week of lockdown when it was all still new and exciting, I was having a Friday girls’ night on zoom and thought – “I’m going to wear that skirt I think I’ll hate and look stupid in” I live alone, I didn’t need to leave the house, I didn’t need to go onto public transport in full sight of the general public, no one is going to see my wide hips in this hideous skirt and laugh at me and anyway who am I trying to impress? My 2 best friends have seen me in a lot worse (plus Id be on a computer screen and they wouldn’t see the bottom half!)

And you know what? I love it. I love it so much I took the obligatory mirror selfie and posted it on my Instagram and got so many lovely comments. Its now a firm favourite and I’ve worn it loads since.

The “chuck on” dress

These are the dream dresses; no thought goes into them. Just chuck them on and away you go. Big, roomy dresses that hid a multitude of sins.

Feeling bloated? Not shaved your legs since January? Fake tan a distant memory?

These dresses cover them all. And in my opinion are comfier then lounge wear.

These 2 that are my go-to dresses are from Kemi Telford and an old ASOS dress.

If you’ve not heard of Kemi Telford and her amazing creations yet I suggest you go and have a look now. She makes the most wonderful dresses and skirts in amazing prints that will just make you feel so happy wearing.

The “my social life is now food shopping” outfit

I hate food shopping. Usually I know what I want and I’m in and out faster than a greyhound round a racetrack! Believe me I’m fast.

But what do you do when food shopping becomes the only time your legally allowed out of the house (apart from the exercise but you MUST be wearing lycra for that!)

You turn the boring old food shop into a major night out. There are getting ready pre-drinks (a cup of tea once you get out the shower), you put make up on again, you wash and blow dry your hair and you plan and change outfits a number of times before picking the one.

My social shopping outfits are a mixture of vintage and mega old clothes I’ve had for years.

The “I’m a teacher now but I’m the cool art teacher type”

I currently home-schooling my 11-year-old son with no end in sight. I take my hat off to teachers, I can’t even keep 1 child’s attention span going for longer then an hour let alone 30 kids for 6 hours a day!

I’d like to think if I did have a change of career after this and became a teacher, I would be the cool art teacher who everyone wanted to be taught by “you have Miss Barraclough? Ah your so lucky, she’s so cool”

They were the ones who always dressed the best, a bit strange at times but always interesting and they ALWAYS carried straw bags (I love a straw bag) and wore the most amazing pieces of jewellery, probably sourced while they were on holiday in some remote holiday in Mexico – think of a cross between Zandra Rhodes and Esme from Sewing Bee.

The Date Night Look

I went all kinds of crafting genius for this look.

We decided to open our own lockdown Italian Restaurant- aperitives, 3 courses, plenty of booze etc.

I made this dress and headpiece. The dress is made from an old Topshop dress and a Topshop skirt from last year and the headpiece is made from a load of fake flowers I had left in my sewing box.

What I have learnt most about being in lockdown and getting dressed is how much fun you can have shopping your own wardrobe, I’ve become a lot more creative and daring with what I’m wearing.  I’m falling back in love with pieces I’ve not worn in a while.

I’m not saying you need to get up every day and make yourself a fancy flower crown and wear it on your works zoom call, believe me I’ve had days where I’ve stayed in my pyjamas all day or been for a run in the morning and stayed in my sweaty run gear for the rest of the day but on the days where I have got dressed, worn something different or one of my trusty favourite dresses I’ve felt so much brighter and it really has helped to lift my mood.

Clothes for me are my little wonder drug in helping my get through this strange little world (I refuse to use the work unprecedented)

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